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Stryker IsoGel Air

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Manufacturer: Stryker Canada Inc

IsoGel AirTM
LAL Dimensional Gel Technology
Pressure Redistribution & Shear Management

IsoGel Air isolates the 3 key contributors of skin breakdown; pressure, shear and microclimate imbalance.

The IsoGel Air LAL system delivers direct air to skin in the sacral region and continues air flow to the torso.3 Our exclusive Equilibrium cover by Dartex® equalizes pressure redistribution while balancing the Micro-climate of the skin through its highly breathable yet durable fabric.3 The combination of the cover and Open Gel column design, allows air to flow freely throughout the surface without obstruction.

The IsoGel Air LAL system has multiple outlets for direct air to skin in the sacral region and continues air flow to the torso.

Product features are graphically shown on the top and the side of the cover for training and identification purposes.

Standard Features
• Convertible design
• Equilibrium cover by Dartex®
• Fire retardant inner cover helps reduce shear and meets flammabil- ity standard CAL 129, 1633, 1632, Boston IX-11
• Foam crib and base provide stability and lateral support
• Patented grid-like gel material affords maximum memory, flexibility and durability
• Latex free

Specifications     Support Surface
Model Number       2860
Overall Length       84 (213 cm)
Overall Width        35" (89 cm)
Thickness              6” (15 cm)
Weight Capacity     500 lb. (228 kg)

Stryker Medical’s IsoGel Air product is designed for an expected service life as listed below under normal use, conditions, and with appropriate periodic maintenance as described in the maintenance manual for each device.
• IsoGel Air assembly: ten (10) years
• Mattress Cover assembly and Fire Barrier assembly: three (3) years