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All of the Bellwether Healthcare Solutions staff have been courteous, prompt and reliable in the service that they have provided.  They have kept me apprised of new products which has assisted me with clinical decision-making to meet our clients’ needs.  Products have been of high quality, reasonably priced and the company has quickly rectified any changes that have been required.  I would summarize by saying, “outstanding customer service” and “innovative products”.

Maureen Eagle Aalders

Bellwether Healthcare Solutions Inc. has worked very hard for over a decade to find out what products make a difference to our clients. We discovered early on, that offering quality products was not enough. Our clients expect more. They expect good advice that has their interests in mind, cooperation so that their facility is taken good care of, education for all so things make sense, and follow up to ensure their expectations were met.

Providing products and services that our clients want is our relentless pursuit. As a result, we have been instrumental in the introduction and implementation of revolutionary products such as ceiling lifts and low beds to facilities throughout Atlantic Canada. These products minimize risks to patients/residents and staff. Facilities, staff and patients/ residents receive significant benefit by avoiding the costs associated with the human suffering related to patient/resident bed falls and/or back injuries to staff from lifting.


Tom Anderson
Operation Manager